SCC is seeking a Full Time Case Manager. In this role you will be an integral part ofa fast-moving, quick-thinking, flexible, passionate, and sometimes quirkyleadership team! You will develop and manage the support needs of people with a Developmental and Intellectual Disability, helping them enjoy their best possible lives. You will manage a variety of people, helpingthem become great employees and, more importantly, great community members andpeople. This job is based primarily in Rutland and Addison Counties and you must be able to travel to/from and throughout the area.Experience working in the Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities field is required.

Job Responsibilities:

· Oversee execution ofperson-centered programs, to include documentation, consistent in-person visitsand coaching, and directing periodic, whole-team meetings

· Provide crisis support andresponse when needed, to include remaining consistently available for yourteams

· Managing and ensuring allnecessary paperwork is maintained

· Managing and ensuring allappropriate data is gathered and shared appropriately

· Help hire and train newemployees

· Lead and manage variousemployees on your teams, to include teaching, coaching, mentoring, discipline, andthe employee review process

· Manage a variety of tasks andtimelines, demonstrating excellent time management skills and confidentlyprioritizing tasks

· Support other Case Managers

· Other duties as assigned byyour supervisor

Compensation + Benefits:

· Employer provided insurance(health, short term disability)

· Paid Time Off

· Employee Assistance Program(EAP)

· A employer provided cellphone

· Flexible schedule and non-traditionalworkspace

· Make a tangible, powerful,positive difference in the lives of others

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